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SCAPE 2019 will be held at Backagården conference center in Höö (info in Swedish at their website). The city of Höör is locates some 30 km NE of Lund in southern Sweden.

Getting to Höör

Höör is locates some 30 km NE of Lund in southern Sweden and you reach it easily by train. Trains from Denmark to Höör stop at Copenhagen central station and Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) and leave every hour. From Lund and Malmö there are several trains per hour. Make sure you have a ticket before you enter the train.

  • From Copenhagen/Kastrup Öresundståg w. destination Kalmar/Växjö
  • From Hyllie/Malmö/Lund Öresundståg w. destination Kalmar/Växjö or Pågatåg w. destination Kristianstad
  • From Stockholm Change train in Hässleholm. From there you take any Pågatåg southwards or an Öresundståg coming from Växjö/Kalmar (Öresundståg from Kristianstad do not stop in Höör)
  • Most international travellers will arrive to Copenhagen airport. There, it is possible to take a train over the bridge to Sweden that goes directly to Höör (end station Kalmar C). These leave 22 minutes past every hour from 5.22 AM to 21.22 PM on Thursday October 24.
  • You can either buy tickets online in advance or at the “Skånetrafiken” kiosks in the Arrivals area of Copenhagen airport, where you can pay with credit card.
  • Please search for a ticket to the destination “Backagården”. If this destination cannot be found in the kiosk, search for the destination “Höör”. The trains to Sweden leave from platform 1, and you should enter a train heading towards “Kalmar”. After one hour, the train arrives at Höör Station.
  • From Höör station there is a 5 km walk to the conference venue for those that are keen on hiking (see Google map).
  • For most of us (?) the bus number 444 from Höör station towards “Ängsbyn” is a better alternative. Exit the bus at the bus stop “Backagården”, which is just outside the conference venue. The buses leave Höör station 43 minutes past every hour until 18.43 on Thursday October 24. On Sunday the 27th, bus 444 only leaves Backagården at 9.07 and 10.07, but we will rent buses that will drive to Höör just after the closing of the conference at about 11.00. Direct trains to Copenhagen airport leave Höör station 35 minutes past every hour starting at 6.35 in the morning. There are also additional alternatives, including switching trains in Lund (see Skånetrafiken's website).

Time table

You find time tables for trains at Skånetrafiken.

Buying a ticket

You buy your ticket in the vending machines at the station. The same ticket is valid at Öresundståg and Pågatåg.

Getting to the conference

  • If you don't go by car, bike, or foot (it's 5 km from Höör station) to the SCAPE venue (Backagården) it is important that you fill in this google form so we know how many people are coming and leaving at different time points, because we probably need to complement the public transport the last bit between Höör station and Backagården due to low public transport capacity.
  • The public transport company will make sure to use an extra large bus for the departure 16:43 (arrives 16:51 at Backagården), so it is good if as many people as possible take that bus.
  • On Sunday, the last morning bus from Backagården leaves at 10:07 (arriving at Höör station 10:17). Because the program lasts until after that bus, we are planning to rent a bus leaving at 10:50, arriving approximately at 11:05 to Höör train station. For this we would need to know how many are interested in the option, so please don't forget to fill in the form!
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