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Keynote speakers

Rachael Winfree

Portrait of Rachael Winfree in black and white.

Rachael Winfree is a Professor in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources at Rutgers University, New Brunswick in USA. She is a community ecologist focusing on pollination ecology, and particularly interested in answering ecological questions at larger (landscape to regional) scales. Her current research interests include the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services, biodiversity measurement, plant-pollinator networks, and pollinator conservation and restoration

More about Rachael Winfree at her website

Plenar lecture: K.01 Bee conservation in the eastern USA

In this talk I will share what I know about bee conservation in the region where I do my research, the eastern USA. To some extent, the talk will tell the story of the conservation side of my research program, from my first field project with bees in 2003 to the present. This 16-year period in my own career parallels an incredible growth of the scientific community working on wild bees from a conservation perspective, so the talk will reflect that story as well. I will conclude by discussing what I think are the big questions in bee biodiversity and pollination from a large-scale perspective and their overlap with the research problems that my lab group is trying to solve now.

Sharon Strauss

Unfortunately, Scott Armbruster had to cancel his participation due to medical complications arising from recent surgery. He is on the mend, and we wish him a fast recovery.

We are happy to announce that Prof. Sharon Strauss from University of California, Davis, has accepted the role of Keynote speaker. She will talk under the title: Reproductive interference rather than resource competition as a force determining local coexistence.

Plenar lecture: K.02 Reproductive interference rather than resource competition as a force determining local coexistence

I will discuss evidence on the role of reproductive interference in shaping coexistence and floral traits across a range of systems.

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